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Avrae was born in the vineyards of Sonoma and is the “Spirit of Belle Glos;” grown in Sonoma, fermented in Napa, distilled in Modesto and finished in Belle Glos Pinot Noir barrels.

Tasting Notes

Dark auburn with lots of contrast like a sexy redhead with creamy skin
Port, dried dates, roasted macadamia nuts, cocoa, vanilla cake
Medium to full
Caramelized sugar and butter, crème de cassis, fig and bacon. Beautiful structure, not too heavy, not too light, but present like a good therapist. Red fruit and brown spice leave and undying elegance through the long finish.
A well polished brandy, with a quiet, rebellious streak, like Gordon Gekko. It acts all proper and $#!+, but once it hits your lips, the insider trading comes out and your palate is enriched.

4 years

4 years aged

96 / 48%

96 proof, 48% ABV

Quick Facts

  • Grapes are sourced from Sonoma coast vineyards
  • Harvested at a lower than normal level of maturity for wine to maintain
  • A higher level of acid for optimum ester formation preserving the floral and fruit forward aromas in the final spirit
  • Fermented at Copper Cane’s Napa winery
  • Cold and slow fermented to augment mouth-feel and preserve fruitiness the wine completes full malo-lactic fermentation to bolster palate weight
  • Double distilled using a 600 gallon pot still with an onion shaped brandy head to achieve a higher concentration of esters, capturing the essence of the land
  • Aged in 53 gallon, new, medium, medium plus and charred tight grain French oak barrels
  • Finished in used Belle Glos Pinot Noir barrels, imparting the brandy with a dark brown/reddish hue
  • All barrels for this cuvée were aged minimum 4 years
  • This bottling is our first vintage; all grapes were from the 2016 harvest season