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Named after founder Joe Wagner’s son, Bishop, this apple brandy is a nod to Spanish lore, when California was considered to be the legendary Garden of Eden. The serpent on top of the cork is a reminder of what can happen when paradise is lost.

Tasting Notes

Deep ruby gold
Fresh Gravenstein apples, cinnamon, maple, charred oak
Thicky and viscous
Whipped cream covered apple pie, with a savory spiced crust. It’s full weight on the palate envelopes your taste buds and goes ape $#!+ on your olfactory
As the great poet once said, “From the windooooowwwww, to the wallllllll!” this apple brandy is dripping in your mouth, covering every crevice with sultry spice and fruit. An absolute dance party of apples, cream, pie crust and warm baking spices on the palate.


Northern California grown, distilled, aged and bottled

5 years

Aged 5 years, VSOP

53 gal.

Aged in 53 gallon tight grain, new, medium, medium plus and charred French oak barrels

86 / 46%

86 proof, 46% ABV

Quick Facts

  • 100% Organic heirloom Gravenstein and Golden Delicious
  • All apples are grown in Russian River Valley orchards
  • Hand harvested at the peak of maturity, still firm yet ripe
  • After pressing, the juice is cold settled for 48 hours to separate the heavy solids
  • The juice is fermented at the winery into cider using a champagne yeast strain at low temperatures ensuring a long fermentation that captures maximum mouth-feel, aromatics, and flavor
  • The cider completes full malo-lactic fermentation to add a smooth and creamy texture
  • Twice distilled using a 600 gallon pot still with an onion shaped brandy head to achieve a higher concentration of esters, capturing the essence of the land
  • All barrels for this cuvée were aged minimum 5 years